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Search Engine Optimization is completely based on Keywords. To rank faster and easier, using appropriate keywords in the content is must. But how to get the right keywords? Keyword tools has to be your go to option, it brings along various benefits such as you can get relevant keywords that could be used even if not the exact ones, helping you find higher valuable keywords. Also, you can identify and target the profitable niche markets while keeping a track on what your competitors are up to or have been doing with the keywords. Through keyword tools, it easier for you to find keywords based on new topics that could get the best listings in the search engines and a lot more.

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Wanting to know the best keyword tool that too free of cost? Check out the list of free keyword tool below;

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter is best known for drawing autocomplete recommendations from the Google. Easier to use, it brings out over 1000 of ideas for each minute. The positive and negative filters available in the tool is great to use for best results. So, you can include or exclude certain words effortlessly at the Keyword Sheeter tool.

Keyword In

Keyword In is ideal for combining keywords. To make it a long tail one, the tool combines every possible thing together pertaining you a lengthier list of potential keywords. Considered to be one of the simplest keyword research tools, Keyword In is best for beginners.


Keyworddit, is a unique keyword tool that brings down keyword ideas from the reddit. You are supposed to enter a subreddit, then it starts mining the titles and comments from the threats to find up to 500 keywords. Recommended to use, if you know nothing or lesser about a niche.

Google Search Console

Apart from tracking the website’s performance, Google Search Console has indulged many benefits into it. It shows data about the keywords that has been ranked already and also discloses the keywords that are ranking but have never been targeted, and that would be the new keyword that you can rely on.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public, discloses the keywords that are asked by most of the audiences along with autocomplete suggestions in an image called search cloud. Based on prepositions, articles and lot more you will be provided with the keywords combining from Google and Bing search engines.

To conclude, I would urge you to firstly experiment with all the above listed free keyword tool and then pick the right one based on your preferences. To know more, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.

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