World Famous Bloggers

Blogging has the potential to change your life, if you are passionate for blogging then work on it with sheer dedication to earn fame and money just as the below mentioned world famous bloggers did.

Following are the most popular bloggers from across the globe;

Peter Rojas

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Engadget, founded by Peter Rojas is one of the most popular blogs that publishes articles on gaming, entertainment, events and gears.

Rand Fishkin

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The Moz blog, founded by Rand Fishkin provides information on marketing articles related to improving the blogs performance and visibility.

Michael Arrington

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Michael Arrington is the founder of TechCrunch which is one of the most popular technology news provider blogs.

Vitaly Friedman

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Smashing magazine, known for providing informative articles on web design and web development is founded by Vitaly Friedman.

Arriana Huffington

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The founder of blog Huffington post, Arruana Huffington is also one of the most popular bloggers across the globe.

And the list of top 5 world famous bloggers end. To know more about blogging and bloggers, stay tuned. Thank you for reading.

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